Headstrong Feline

By : anung524

One night at 02.00 AM, I heard a cat’s meow nearby, but I couldn’t tell where it was. The meows still went on and on until the sun rose. It resulted in preventing me to go to sleep that night. Luckily I worked at home, so I wasn’t bound to office hours. Right at the next day, I heard that sound one more time. I thought to myself, “Perhaps its on the roof, or under the roof.” There is actually a big air vent on my roof, so sometimes a female cat can just walk inside the roof and give birth to her kittens there.

Then I went to my neighbor’s house to borrow a ladder. I went up in my roof and looked inside, well, there WAS a young cat just sat there like nothing happens. I tried everything to get it up from there, but it always had a way to get away from me. Aaaarghh! Stupid cat, wish you understand human language… -_-‘

It was up there for two days, without eating or drinking. Not to mention I provided it some dry cat food and fresh water in a bowl. Headstrong cat. I was just afraid of it dehydrating, starving and then meet its maker in my roof. All in all, I used my last try, I put a long wooden plank between the ventilation hole to my front yard. I put a slice of sausages, a bit of chicken and some dry cat food near the ventilation intake. I was just hoping that it will find its way to the food and then to its freedom outside.

The next morning, I was no longer hearing a cat meows. “Did it gone to heaven?”, I thought. Again for the second time I borrowed the ladder. I got up in the roof with a flashlight in my hand. I was expecting to evacuate the dead body of a cat. But it was nothing. None. Nada. The headstrong feline was not there. I swept my eyes through my roof to look after its signs. Well, I didn’t see it anywhere I looked. Something caught my interest when I realized that its gone. The sausages and chicken are gone too! That was a good sign.

Perhaps it felt so hungry to the point it finally took my bait of sausages and chicken. Then it might find its way to the free world outside. I’ve been thinking of adopting it when I got it down, but well, maybe it was the best for it. As long as it is not starved to the death in my roof.

So long headstrong feline! May our way cross again sometimes. Maybe here, or maybe in the next life.. 🙂


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